Monday 31 July 2023

Mismatched Mugs


Mismatched Mugs


Mismatched and slightly chipped,

We’re collection of sorts,

Each of us has a story,

Holding dear the coffee-stained veneer

And tired patterns,

Like a badge of honour.

A testament to our unity.

 It’s only when guests arrive

That we truly come together.

No-one says anything

But we know.





Thursday 22 June 2023

Studio love


New Mural


An Ode to all birds Passed


An Ode to all the birds passed


Graceful is your path across scarlet skies,

Purveying the confused meanderings

Of human’s folly

Scuttling about for nobody’s business.

Idle watchers seldom look up

And wonder at your majesty,

Until a grace is fallen

Bound again to earth’s slow embrace. 




Sunday 5 March 2023

Afternoon Storms in Brisbane



Afternoon Storms in Brisbane


Oppressive and suffocating,

The still air.

A warm wet blanket of humidity,

Engulfs our river city.

 Cumulonimbus clouds build,

Menacing in their multi-level plumes,

Cast an eery iridescent gloom,

Against the Jacaranda’s purple bloom.


Chequered splotches of fat raindrops

Sizzle on the parched tarmac,

Announcing heavens outcry,

  As crisp sheet flashes of lighting

And deep rumbles reverberate.

Violent and unforgiving,

The summer storms have arrived.