Tuesday 19 March 2024



Synthetic polymer paint on canvas 90 x 40 cm

Wednesday 13 March 2024


Stay Awhile


A collection of poetry and art

Traversing the deep landscapes

Of love, loss and finding home.



12 APRIL 5-10PM







Stay Awhile follows three distinct themes, of love, loss and finding home. Reflections and reverberations. This collection explores these notions, in a visual and textual pairing. Prose and painting taking a plutonic presence on the walls, weaving a visual and symbolic narrative.

Prose drifts from the urban to existential, while the paintings follow a more direct path. There is a reverence present in the works. That for the Australian bush, in all its complexities, beauty and diversity, it embodies a sense of home and of place, unique in its own right.  

This collection of paintings, installations and poetry invites the viewer to follow along, in this brief journey and as the title suggests, Stay Awhile.



Monday 4 March 2024

Midnight studies


The Start of the End of Things


The Start of the End of Things



Flustered sighs and unkept misgivings

Boil and spill over

Like unwatched pasta.

Only to settle again,

When fires momentarily quell.

The undercurrents stir still

Waiting, and amplifying reverberations

Of disquietude.

An unsettling notion to witness.

Cold and unforgiving,

The stony glances and frost ridden replies

Crust over a place once warm with love.

I guess this is the start of,

The end of things.



Sailing Home


Sailing Home



Before your ship sails,

And the sun sets behind the gumtrees,

Sit a while longer.

Let us bask in the fading embers,

Of life and loves embrace,

Till what will be,

We’ll see.